No Sense of Personal Boundaries

Waking up the next morning to a third straight day of rain only meant that Lara was faced with having to be holed up in her tiny abode for another day.  In some respects, it felt like a jail cell considering she had no desire to spend any length of time naked in the cold wind and rain.

But she realized how vulnerable she might be come winter.  As it was right now, she still had enough food and supplies to make it through another day.  But in the middle of winter, when temperatures drop down much colder, she wouldn't be in any condition to make the hike to the lake or campground naked.

She figured she would have to stock up as much food and supplies as she could.  The problem was that the amount of food she salvaged from trash often times was just enough to feed her for that day.  There were still some other days she found enough extra to stash away, but it was by no means enough extra to last her several months.

She worried that living in this tiny cinder block house during the winter was not feasible, at least not for someone intent on remaining nude.

But for now, with the wind and rain continuing to pound for a third day, there was little she could do.

"It was like anything was OK", Lara explained while an intrigued Julia listened on.  "Teresa could tell me to do something, and I would just do it without question".

"Wow, like what?" Julia asked.

The two girls were in Lara's bedroom, talking about Lara's now-forbidden relationship with Teresa.  Both Julia and Lara were the same age, having originally met in kindergarten, and remained friends through elementary school,  It was only now, after Lara and Teresa were forcibly broken apart, Lara renewed her friendship with Julia.

Julia found Lara's nudity rather intriguing.  Julia's strict, religious conservative parents forbade her from having boyfriends, going to dances, or attending parties.  She was under a very watchful eye, making masturbation very difficult, and very risky due the threat of punishment from her father.  Visiting Lara, observing her nudity,  and listening to details of her sexual affair with Teresa, was her way of indulging.

Lara on the other hand, knew no personal boundaries.  Not getting enough attention from her mother to set good examples was largely the reason why that happened.  But the sexually aggressive and dominant behavior at the hands of Teresa expanded the idea that anything and everything was within the standards of moral conduct.  With Lara, moral conduct simply meant doing whatever she felt like doing.

When Lara first stroked her clitoris before an embarrassed yet intrigued Julia, Lara simply thought it was fine do so in the company of trusted friends.  It hadn't dawned on her how personal and private masturbation was.  After all, Lara had frequently played with herself while sitting on the couch watching television with her mother and brothers.  It was never to the point of orgasm, however.  It was only just a way of self-soothing and keeping herself preoccupied.

While nudity made Lara feel open and free, handling her genitalia gave her closer connection to the little girl hidden deep inside her.  That girl longed for the nurturing and cuddling of a loving mother, which she had never known.  Her mother never gave her that kind of attention.  As the years went by, the little girl in her ached for that kind of intimacy, and she sought it out from other strong, dominant mother-figures.

Teresa was such a person, though she wasn't exactly a mother-figure, more like an older-sister who protected her and praised her.  But it was good enough.  Now that Lara was prohibited from seeing Teresa, she felt that little girl in her wanting and needing that kind of authority figure.

When Teresa rubbed Lara's clitoris, and did so with a profound sense of dominance and determination, it immediately brought out that naive, frail little girl.  Lara's demeanor was very childlike, in an erotic sense.  But in the days after Teresa, Lara still wanted to feel that little girl, hence touching herself was the only way to find her.

"Well, like she used to take me into dressing rooms and make me strip.  Then she would rub my clit and finger fuck me until I came." Lara answered.

"Oh my God!" Julia exclaimed.  "No way!"

"Way!" Lara countered.

"In the dressing room?  Didn't anyone hear you?"

"I don't know.  If they did, they never said anything", Lara chuckled.

"Wow." Julia responded.  "I'm sorry all that happened to you."

"Sorry?" Lara asked, causing her to stop stroking her clitoris.  Lara hadn't even thought of it that way.  The hunger in her heart and the lack of personal boundaries created a person who seemed content to live with such a heightened sense of sexuality.  She never thought of herself as abused or damaged.

"Why would you be sorry?" Lara asked.