Walking Nude in the Rain

Lara found a place a few feet away from the stream bed where she could squat down and relieve herself.

The rain was still falling hard, but under the canopy of thick growth oaks, she some protection. But there were still heavier drops of water falling from the leaves that hit her on the head, her shoulders, and her back.

As she crouched down, beads of water rolled down her shoulder blades and and channeled itself down the small of her back. Water continued to roll off her head, and dripped off the end of her nose. It was quite cold, and she shivered while relieving herself.

After finishing, there was no paper, nor anything to clean herself. But she already had an idea. She stood up and walked into the middle of the stream, with the water reaching up to her knees. Even though it was cold, the water felt no colder than the air, and no colder than how her body felt.

She crouched down and submerged her lower half under the running water.

Lara reached with her right hand between her legs and used her fingers to clean her rear end.

Even though she was on someone's private property, and even though it was raining, she still found it beautiful and serene, and still felt like she was alone in the wilderness. It was like how she had seen in some paintings of nude nymphs bathing in a forest stream. She wanted to be one of those nymphs, somehow free from society, free to live as they pleased, nude, and at one with nature.

Except her upper half was still shivering cold.

But it didn't take much at all for the lower half of her body to adjust to the cool water temperature, and now it almost felt as if it was warmer than the air temperature with the falling rain. The water rushed from beneath her, its force stimulating her labia.

Lara's head was hung over, facing down towards the water, while her body was tightened trying to generate heat. A constant swoosh of wind and rain blew through the tree canopy, with a steady patter of water droplets tapping the leaves on the ground.


A distant, soft cry echoed.

Lara picked her head up, and listened.


Again she could barely hear from far away.

Lara stood up in the stream, and then walked to the side and climbed up the bank. Now out of the water, her body became more cold. The voice must have come from Nan; she was supposed to come back with a towel for her dry off with.

Back at the house, Julia sat in a reclining chair in the living room, while a warm fire crackled in the fireplace.

"I made you some hot tea, Julia. It'll relax you." the old lady said while sitting on a coffee table next to the chair.

"Thanks." Julia smiled.

"I just want to apologize for this afternoon. We just don't get many strangers, and we have to be careful around here."

"Yeah, I understand", Julia answered and smiled.

Julia felt very uncomfortable alone with a strange old woman who hours earlier had a rifle pointed at her. She wasn't used to being left to her own devices like this, always having her father and mother to available to rely on. And there was something strange about this old woman and her daughter Nan. They seemed quite reclusive, no available car, no working telephone, anything could happen here and no one would know about it.

Lara emerged from the thick growth of oak trees and found Nan several yards away. "Nan?" she called out.

Nan turned around to look and saw Lara. She walked towards her.

"Where'd you go?" she asked.

"I just did a little exploring in the trees." Lara answered.

"You're going to catch a cold out here, especially if you're going to go around naked." She said. "I put a towel and some blankets in the barn for you."

"Thanks", Lara answered.

Lara entered into the barn, with Nan following behind. Lara's body was dripping with water. Her hair completely soaked as if she had just taken a shower, and shivering and shaking uncontrollably.

Nan picked up the towel and opened it up. Lara walked to retrieve it.

"Here" Nan said, wrapping it around Lara's back.

Lara dried herself off. Nan stood and watched. Removing the water off her skin helped make Lara not shiver so much, and feel just a little more comfortable.